More face to face bridge on the way

Good to be back in business!

Thanks to everyone who this week came to our first two face to face bridge sessions in the post-Covid era, one in Charlbury and the other in Wytham Village Hall. It was good to see so many familiar faces again and to welcome some new ones as well. Everyone said how much they enjoyed getting back around a bridge table in a friendly and sociable atmosphere, which is very much the Andrew Robson way. With many others saying they are hoping to join the next event in either or both venues, the outlook looks very positive.

Future face to face plans

The future shape of face to face events is becoming clearer. The aim is to hold a face to face play session at least once a fortnight in Charlbury and regularly every week in Wytham Vlillage Hall. The Charlbury events will be on Monday afternoons and the Wytham ones on Thursday mornings. The emphasis at both sessions will be on friendly social bridge with expert supervision available to everyone as they need it. Our aim has always been to build a community of like-minded members who enjoy meeting others as well as playing bridge in the right spirit.

A competitive online option

For those looking for a more competitive game, our regular online Tuesday morning sessions will continue as now with the emphasis on teams play – ideal for those with regular partners who are looking to test and sharpen their game against more experienced opposition. Using Zoom rooms will continue to enable us to review the hands with you, looking to analyse the bidding and play while they are still fresh in our minds. Let me know if you are interested in trying these sessions; while they are ideal for regular partners, I can always pair you up to create new ones if you contact me.


I have had a lot of requests for teaching, especially refresher courses, and I am trying to schedule sessions to meet the demand. It is getting quite complicated, so I am proposing to run another Doodle poll to try and narrow down the options. There are also vacancies for more players in a couple of regular online group coaching sessions, one on Friday mornings and another potentially on Wednesday mornings. These sessions are the simplest and most efficient way to improve your game. I am also planning to record a series of one-hour refresher videos covering specific topics.

This week

As chance would have it I am away this coming Monday and Tuesday (March 14th-15th) so the next Charlbury face to face session will be March 21st, starting at 2.30pm. There will however be another Wytham face to bridge session this Thursday (March 17th), starting at the new regular time of 10am. You can book up for both these sessions here via Paypal or directly by bank transfer – contact me for the details if you don’t already have them.

This is the link for the next Charlbury session.

Face to face supervised play in Charlbury March 21st 2022

The next Monday afternoon face to face event in Charlbury starts promptly at 2.30pm, with refreshments included. The address will be emailed to you if you have booked in or told me by email that you wish to come. Plenty of free parking available.


This is the booking link for the next face to face play at Wytham.

Face to face supervised play Thursday March 17th 2022

Our next face to face event in Wytham Village Hall, starting at 10am, with refreshments included. Come and make contact again with the group that was flourishing before Covid entered our lives. Please try to arrive a few minutes before the start time. Free parking. Just off the A34.


This is the link for the regular Tuesday morning session.

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