Face to face bridge returns

We are kicking off this week!

There are two face to face bridge sessions this week, the first steps, I hope, back to pre-Covid normality. I am running a session in Charlbury tomorrow afternoon (March 7th), which will be hosted very generously by Andrew and Rosie Dent at their house (plenty of parking), and a second on Thursday morning (March 10th) in Wytham Village Hall, just off the western ring road. There is still time to book up and join us for these inaugural sessions. You can do so either by following the instructions below or by going to the Book Here page at the top of the website.

All welcome as always. Exactly how we organise the sessions will depend on the final numbers but I can guarantee an interesting session for anyone who comes. I will take the opportunity to discuss future plans, including the timing of events and teaching, with those present on the day. Please note that the Charlbury session starts at 2.30pm and the Wytham one at 10am (slightly later than the start time we had before, and designed to make it easier to avoid the morning traffic). I will be there a little earlier to set up and any volunteers to help with that will also be welcome.

The Tuesday morning supervised play session will continue online on Tuesday morning (March 8th) as well, starting at 9.15am. Looking ahead, however we progress with face to face bridge, there will always be at least one online session every week and I am hoping to introduce an evening duplicate in due course as well. I am also reshuffling a number of group coaching groups and if you would be interested in joining a regular group for one of these please let me know. Wednesday and Friday mornings are two spots where they may be room to accommodate you.

Some teaching classes will also begin shortly.

Face to face supervised play March 7th 2022

Our first face to face event in Charlbury for more than two years, starting at 2.30pm, with refreshments included. Will discuss our future plans for teaching and play in Charlbury as well so please do come along if you can. The address will be emailed to you if you have booked in or told me by email that you wish to come.


This is the booking sheet for face to face play at Wytham on March 10th.

Face to face supervised play Thursday March 10th 2022

Our first face to face event in Wytham Village Hall for over a year, starting at 10am, with refreshments included. Come and make contact again with the group that was flourishing before Covid entered our lives.


This is the link for the regular Tuesday morning session.


Online supervised play 8th March 2022

Our regular online play session, featuring challenge matches, kicks off at 9.15am on BBO and Zoom. Come and join some of our regulars as we rip through a series of live hands and learn as we play in a friendly and mildly competitive way. Always good fun with lots of chat.


One thought on “Face to face bridge returns

  1. Dear Jonathan,
    Am delighted to be able to play on Tuesday morning again this week.
    Looking forward to that,

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