The Next Level course

This course, based on Andrew Robson’s latest book The Next Level, is aimed at intermediate plus players and delves deeper into many of the basic conventions and play techniques you will come across while learning and playing. These are the sessions topic headings. Each lesson includes a minimum of four deals to play, allowing everyone on the course to take their turn, plus there will be additional Q and A and summary notes prepared by Jonathan Davis. Cost: £20 per lesson (minimum of five to sign up for it). You cannot fail to end up a better player if you manage to work your way through all these lessons! Email if you need more information.

  1. Basic opener strategy
  2. Stayman
  3. Transfers
  4. Weak responding hands
  5. Fourth suit forcing
  6. Overcalling
  7. Takeout double
  8. Penalty doubles
  9. Showing your shape
  10. Finessing
  11. Suit establishment
  12. Delaying drawing trumps
  13. The lead card
  14. There Weak Twos
  15. Pre-empting
  16. Bidding big hands
  17. Signal and discard
  18. Suit preference signal
  19. Losing Trick Count
  20. Roman Key Card Blackwood
  21. Splinter bids
  22. Trial bidding
  23. Ace-showing cue bids
  24. Jacoby 2 No Trump convention
  25. Playing No Trump contracts
  26. The danger hand
  27. Elimination and throw in
  28. Squeeze
  29. More squeeze
  30. Negative dubles
  31. Two-suited bids
  32. Law of total tricks
  33. Tricky leads
  34. Quick or slow defence?
  35. In “the cheat seat”
  36. Hand evaluation – beyond High Card Points

The Next Level cover