Bridge seminars

This series of weekly seminars is aimed at intermediate plus players and delves deeper into many of the basic conventions and play techniques you will come across while learning and playing. These are the sessions topic headings and (in bold) the ones that have been definitively scheduled so far. Each lesson includes a minimum of eight illustrative deals, real time Q and A (via Zoom) and summary notes prepared by Jonathan Davis. Cost: £20 per lesson, payable from the website (see the sidebar) or by bank transfer. Only those who have paid in advance will normally be admitted.

You cannot fail to end up a better player if you manage to work your way through all these lessons! Email if you need more information and to confirm which sessions you are hoping to attend. The running order of topics for future seminars may change. Please feel free to suggest topics you would like me to cover or you would wish to revise.

  1. Opener strategy: February 3rd
  2. Stayman in depth: February 10th
  3. Transfers in depth: February 17th
  4. Weak responding hands: February 24th
  5. Fourth suit forcing: March 2nd
  6. Overcalling insights: March 16th
  7. Takeout doubles: March 30th
  8. Penalty doubles: April 6th
  9. Reverses and showing your shape; April 13th
  10. Finessing in depth: April 20th
  11. Establishing suits: April 27th
  12. Managing trumps: May 4th
  13. Which card to lead; May 11th
  14. Bidding big hands; May 18th
  15. Losing Trick Count; May 25th
  16. Roman Key Card Blackwood; June 1st
  17. Splinter bids; June 8th
  18. No seminar: June 15th
  19. Ace-showing cue bids: June 22nd
  20. Jacoby 2 No Trumps: June 29th
  21. Trial bids for game and slam: July 6th
  22. Playing No Trump contracts: July 13th
  23. Playing No Trump contracts part 2; July 20th
  24. Slam review session; July 27th
  25. No seminar: August 3rd
  26. No seminar: August 10th
  27. No seminar: August 17th
  28. No seminar: August 24th
  29. No seminar: August 31st
  30. Intervening after 1 No Trump: September 7th
  31. Dealing with intervention after 1 No Trump; September 14th
  32. No seminar: September 21st
  33. No seminar: September 28th
  34. Negative doubles; October 5th
  35. No seminar: October 12th
  36. No seminar: October 19th
  37. Tricky leads: October 26th
  38. Quick or slow defence?: November 2nd
  39. In “the cheat seat”: November 9th
  40. Advanced hand evaluation: November 16th
  41. There Weak Twos: November 23rd
  42. Pre-empting: November 30th
  43. Bidding the opponents’ suit; December 7th