Bridge at The Trout

Are you interested in a chance to play bridge with fellow bridge enthusiasts in the delightful riverside surroundings of The Trout Inn in Godstow (easy to reach from the ring road or A34, with plenty of parking)? We have started a regular Tuesday morning session at 10am and are canvassing support for a second session on either Wednesday evening or Friday morning.  Tea, coffee and refreshments available while we bid and play through a series of hands, ending at 1pm, followed by Q and A. The Trout also provides lunch for those who wish to stay. A great opportunity to practise what you have learnt and meet new people with expert supervision on hand at every point.

picture of the trout

If you think you might be interested in coming to one of these play sessions, please feel free to fill in the dates you could make by following this link (for Tuesdays in February), or this link (for dates in March).  At the moment only those who have shown interest in advance can be accepted (so that we can plan numbers) but in due course we expect to be able to be more flexible. Alternatively simply contact us by email ( to book your place for a particular date. The current charge for each session is £15 a head, which includes hand records, expert supervision, Q and A and Jonathan’s tip of the week. The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer; details provided when you book in advance.