Coming up – more bridge at Charlbury

Following a successful first meeting in Charlbury at the end of May, I am happy to announce that we will be holding two more sessions there on Thursday June 20th and Thursday July 4th. Both sessions will kick off at 1.30pm in The Corner House, a delightful old building in the middle of the town.

In response to feedback my plan it to split the sessions into two parts: (1) an hour’s lesson followed by (2) up to two hours of supervised play. Because there is a range of ability, the first lesson will consist of a review/refresher lesson on the basic principles of bidding and a summary of Andrew Robson’s bidding methods. This I hope will be of value both to those who are still learning the game and those who have played more often before, but either may not know the Robson system or feel they would benefit from a refresher.

The supervised play session will be grouped into tables by level of experience and everyone will have the opportunity to ask for expert help at any stage, should they so wish. This way I hope that we will be able to move towards creating a regular weekly event in which as many players as possible can take part, combining a chance to improve with the opportunity to share in a sociable and friendly game.  There will also be an opportunity at the end to ask questions about any of the hands that you have played.

You can book a place for the 20th June event by following this link and for the 4th July event by following this link. Alternatively, for those who already have our bank details you can pay directly online, giving Charlbury June 20 or Charlbury July 4 as the reference. The charges are (1) lesson only (one hour) £8; (2) supervised play only £7 (two hours); (3) combined lesson and play £14 (three hours). This includes free tea, coffee and refreshments.

Bridge next week

Because of the Bank Holiday the Essential Extra course will restart on Monday week (June 3rd). On Tuesday morning (May 28th) there will be supervised play as normal at The Trout, in the capable hands of Annabel and Peter Finbow this time, as I am coming back from Wales that day – please treat them kindly! Wednesday morning sees our first play and learn session in Charlbury, at The Bull, starting at 9.45am. Anyone who lives locally and wants to taste bridge the Robson way is very welcome to come, as of course is anyone who has already been to The Trout or Islip, and/or taken one of our courses. There has been a lot of interest already in Charlbury as a venue, including several enthusiasts who cannot make next week because of half term but have promised to come thereafter. When I get back I shall be publishing some dates for our “summer specials”, a series of single topic seminars similar to those which proved popular during the Easter holidays. Watch this space!

Bridge in Charlbury

We will be holding a supervised play session at a new venue on Wednesday May 29th. This is The Bull, a delightful pub in Charlbury where some of our most committed learners live (the town, not the pub, that is – at least to the best of our knowledge). The session will start at 9.45am and will follow the usual format of a series of pre-dealt hands with expert help on hand throughout. I will also be giving a couple of tips to kick things off. As this is the first session of its kind in Charlbury, the cost will be just £5 to include tea and coffee. Do come if you can – and encourage anyone else you think might be interested to come along and see what is on offer. It is helpful but not essential to let me know if you can come. If there is sufficient interest we will consider making Charlbury a regular venue for this kind of bridge, though not necessarily on the same day of the week (depending on what is most suitable for the most people).  All but absolute beginners welcome. Supervised play sessions meanwhile continue at Islip Village Hall (tomorrow, May 16th) and besides the river at The Trout (next Tuesday).

Bridge at The Trout cancelled

I am very sorry, but I have to cancel the supervised play session at The Trout this Tuesday (May 7th) because of a family funeral in Holland. There will be another session in Islip on Friday and normal service will resume at the Trout on May 14th (start 9.45am). Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to the session on Tuesday. Thanks also to those who have already expressed interest in supervised play in Charlbury. We will be doing a trial first run there shortly – watch this space!

Bridge sessions coming up

Tuesday morning sessions at The Trout will continue throughout May and June, starting at 9.45am and finishing at 12.45pm. There will be no bridge in Islip tomorrow (May 3rd) but there will be another supervised play session there on Friday May 10th. More dates for single topic seminars will be published shortly – subjects include the Jacoby 2 No Trump convention and a series on two-suited bids (Michaels, Landy and the Unusual Trump). I am also looking at a number of different locations around the county for regular supervised play sessions. If you live within reach of Charlbury, in particular, please let me know if you would be interested in a regular supervised play session there, probably on Wednesdays. I am also keen to hear from anyone willing to join a four-session beginners course, to make up the numbers with an existing group.

Summer 2019 course schedule

I have now published details on the website of the confirmed Andrew Robson courses which will be starting after Easter. They are Next Step, Essential Extra, Improver Plus and Advanced courses. For more details of these courses please follow this link. To book a place simply send me an email ( and I will confirm and provide bank details by return if you need them. I am also planning to offer another Beginners course, with the first lesson free if you attend and later decide that this is not suitable for you. If the times and dates do not suit you, don’t worry – simply email me with the course that you are hoping to do and I will make arrangements to schedule it as soon as there is sufficient demand. Detailed lesson by lesson outlines of the 11 Andrew Robson courses that are available to take are now listed here. I will also separately be running single topic seminars over the course of the next few weeks – do look out for details of those. The weekly play and learn sessions will also continue after Easter.  Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

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