Learn bridge – a skill for life

Bridge is a wonderful game, tailor-made for anyone who likes a challenge and enjoys the company of others. Making the experience enjoyable is very much the spirit in which I teach and play the game. My approach builds on the tried and tested methods of Andrew Robson, the UK’s number one bridge teacher and writer, a good friend of mine who encouraged me to start this venture.

There are several ways that I may be able to help you learn or develop your game.I have been playing bridge at a high level for many years, with a number of national and tournament wins and consistent winnings in high stake money bridge games. I have been teaching it face to face in Oxfordshire and more recently online for several years.

Beginners courses

I aim to run one new beginners course every year and kick off with a free taster session, allowing you to come and find out if you think this is going to be right for you. The next beginners course begins in May 2023, with a free taster session in early April.

Online seminars

Three times a year I run a weekly 90-minute online seminar for ten weeks, each session covering a single bidding or play topic, complete with extensive downloadable notes to review in your own time. The next series begins in April 2023. More details here.

Group coaching

Once you have got going, why not join me for regular 90 minutes sessions online, playing with your preferred partner or in a group of four or eight? These group sessions are my most popular teaching format and a proven way to improve your game.

Face to face supervised play

Once a month I run supervised play sessions in Oxford and Charlbury at which you can play for up to three hours in a friendly atmosphere with expert supervision and meet others who share your love of the game. See the calendar or contact me for more details.

Weekly emails and videos

Sign up from here for my weekly emails to get my latest updates and videos. I also offer a subscription service, JD’s Bridge Challenge, in which for a modest fee (£10 a month) you can sign up for a series of instructive hands every day.


My professional life has been in journalism, publishing and more recently investment, about which I still produce podcasts, a newsletter and an annual investment trust handbook (see the Money Makers website for more about that). Click on this link to hear why Andrew Robson is supporting my teaching his methods in Oxfordshire. Some of my hands you may have read about in Andrew Robson’s bridge column in The Times.

Stay in touch

To get on the mailing list to find out more and stay in touch for news about the latest courses and updates, simply fill in your email address in the sidebar. If you have any queries or want to know which course is right for you, then send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as we can. Please also tell your friends and family that our bridge resources are available. This game is brilliant and you won’t regret taking it up, whether you play socially or aspire to something higher.

Note on bidding methods

The bidding methods we teach are based on traditional UK practice (weak No Trump and four-card majors), as refined by Andrew Robson. The advantage is that something similar is played by the great majority of players in this country and by everyone who participates in our courses and regular playing sessions. Bidding this way provides a common language that allows you to sit down and play quite easily with almost anyone socially and a solid framework for doing well if you wish to go and play at a club or in a tournament.