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Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson, the country’s top bridge teacher, and a multiple world champion, has spent 25 years devising and refining his legendary bridge courses, with the emphasis on making this wonderful game a pleasure to play. With his help thousands of people have learnt to play and enjoy bridge to the full, many of them never having touched a card before. His friendly club in London is the most popular in the country and his newspaper columns in The Times and Country Life have entertained and informed bridge lovers for years.  In 2013 he was awarded the OBE for his services to bridge and to charity.




Jonathan Davis


Now for the first time his methods and club are being brought to Oxford. Bestselling bridge author Jonathan Davis, Andrew’s friend and kindred bridge spirit, teaches his most popular courses and also offers private group lessons on demand. Our first regular weekly play and learn sessions are running at The Trout Inn in Godstow every Tuesday morning from 10am-1pm with other dates on the way.  Having started his career as a writer on the Oxford Mail and Times many years ago, before moving into the investment business, Jonathan has recently returned to live in Oxford. Whether you are a beginner or looking to build on what you already know, why not come and try out what we are offering?


What is on offer

Regular play sessions

We have started our first weekly supervised play sessions, held at The Trout in Godstow every Tuesday morning, starting at 10am and finishing at 1pm. Come and play a series of pre-dealt hands with others like you – it is a great opportunity to practise everything you know or have learnt about bridge, with expert guidance available at every stage, should you need it, and to meet other like-minded enthusiasts. At the end of the session, there is an opportunity to review hand records, compare scores and discuss any of the deals you have played. See the Bridge at The Trout page and the News and Updates page for more details. Other weekday dates and venues are also planned. You can register your interest in specific days by following this link.


There are eleven different Andrew Robson courses you can choose from – one for every level of ability and experience. See this page for more details. Jonathan is currently teaching the Beginners, Essential, Improver and Improver Plus courses. Every course runs for eight consecutive weeks, with each 1hour 45 minute lesson covering a specific topic in both bidding and play. All courses comes with detailed course notes and the chance to play through a series of instructive pre-dealt hands, asking questions as you go along. Feel free to contact us by email ( if you see one of any of Andrew’s courses that you think would benefit you.


Most of the courses so far have taken place at the North Oxford Association in Summertown, where there is plenty of parking. The courses are open to anyone, but because of limitations of space, unfortunately only those who have booked in advance can be admitted. Places can be booked by clicking on the Book a Place page. We will also be hosting sessions at other venues around the county in 2019. Smaller groups are  taught in private houses by arrangement.

Private lessons

I am also happy to consider private lessons for small groups who can provide their own venue. Why not book a couple of hours or a regular series at a time that suits you? Your options are: (1) to let me take you through one or more of Andrew’s courses at a time that suits you; (2) ask for specific topics you want to learn (e.g conventions, declarer play, improve your defence); (3) let me bring some pre-dealt hands for you to play and practise on, with either on-the-spot guidance and notes or a post-play review session. Simply contact me for more details. I have two private groups running at the moment and others interested in courses on defence and useful conventions.

Online practice sessions

Bridge software has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and the best online sites now allow you to practise specific aspects of your game under supervision.  You want to practise how you (and your partner if you have one) bid over a 1 No Trump opening bid? Or weak Twos, Key Card Blackwood or any other popular conventional bids. No problem. Simply log in at home for an hour of supervised practice, with Jonathan arranging all the hands and talking you through the different sequences with a series of carefully calibrated example hands – brought to you by the owners of modern technology. It is intensive but will do wonders for your game.

What to do next


ARB logoTo get on the mailing list to find out more and stay in touch for news about the latest courses and receive periodic “bridge tales“, simply fill in your email address in the sidebar. There is a link to book places at the free taster sessions and on future courses. If you have any queries or want to know which course is right for you, then send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have a suggestion for a particular venue that would suit you, then let me know. And most importantly of all, do please tell your friends and family that Andrew Robson Bridge in Oxford is now open for business……the more the merrier.