Bridge schedule

This is a summary of my bridge plans for 2023 as they currently stand. Do please contact me with any queries. Changes and updates will be alerted in my weekly emails to followers.

Tuesday online game

I continue to run this regular online game, with expert supervision, every Tuesday morning at 9am, except for holidays or unavoidable commitments.

Face to face supervised play

Every fourth Thursday of the month in Wytham Village Hall, from 10am to 1pm; and every fourth Tuesday in Charlbury from 2pm to 5pm.

Online seminars

The next series of these popular 90 minute sessions on different topics of bidding and play will run from May until July. They can be downloaded later if you cannot join them live. Each seminar is self-contained and comes with a full set of notes/slides. They are released on Mondays each week.

Beginner classes

I am planning to hold two free taster sessions in April for first time players, one in Oxford and one in Charlbury. Beginners lessons will follow in May and October.

Group coaching

Contact me by email if you are interested in setting up a new group or joining a current one.

Videos and streaming

As mentioned above, I am going to offer the topic seminars as downloadable videos, so even if you miss them, you can buy them later to watch in your own time.

Pro bridge challenge

Also new this year is the chance to take on local pro/international Charlie Bucknell and I in a monthly learning challenge – prizes for those of you who can beat us in a robot pairs contest. Learn why even experts love playing so much – there is always something new that could go wrong.