Bridge this week

The Tuesday online bridge session tomorrow (April 19th 2022) is going ahead as normal. So too are the face to face sessions in Wytham Village Hall on Thursday (April 21st) and in Charlbury next Monday afternoon (April 25th). The only reason that the sessions may be postponed is if there are a lot of withdrawals because of new Covid cases. If that happens to be the case (and it has only happened twice this year), I will notify everyone who has booked in at least 24 hours in advance. These are the links to the various sessions. Fingers crossed!


This is the link for tomorrow’s online supervised play session:


Online supervised play April 19th 2022

Zoom and BBO, starting at 9.15am.


This is the link for supervised play in Wytham Village Hall on Thursday (April 21st 2022):


Face to face play in Wytham Aoril 21st 2022

In Wytham Village Hall, starting at 10am (rarrive 9.45am).


This is the link for the next Charlbury session on Monday April 25th, starting at 2.30pm.


Face to face bridge in Charlbury 25th April 2022

At the Dents’ barn, just outside Charlbury, starting at 2pm.


2 thoughts on “Bridge this week

  1.  Dear Jonathan

    Thanks for keeping me updated with all the ups and downs of bridge and Covid.

    Just to let you know that I have decided not to join any more classes for the time being – but please continue to send me your posts.

    Best wishes



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