Pausing face to face

A wedding comes first…..

The two face to face sessions we had last week, in Charlbury and Wytham, were very enjoyable and the numbers who came an encouraging sign that we will be able to bring back face to face bridge on a regular schedule. Notwithstanding that, I have decided not to hold any more such sessions this week and next. The reason is that my son is getting married on Saturday week (April 9th) and having postponed the wedding once already, he and his girlfriend are very keen to avoid it being ruined again by Covid, relatively mild though the latest variant is.

I am therefore being super-cautious and cutting back on any social gatherings that might conceivably lead to my catching and spreading the virus, or risk my having to miss this important date on the calendar. My apologies to all of you who have indicated your willingness to attend one or other of the face to face sessions in the next two weeks. The plan is to revive both sessions the following week (April 11th in Charlbury and April 14th in Wytham).

I hope you will make a note of the dates and use this Doodle poll to show if you are potentially interested in joining us.

This is the link ( for the next three weekly Wytham sessions.

This is the link ( to the Doodle poll for the next Charlbury date. There is only date given at the moment, as the timing of these sessions in future may change after this next definite date.

The Tuesday morning online session is going ahead tomorrow as normal (March 28th, starting at 9.15am). If any of you are interested in a second online session on Thursday morning (March 30th) please let me know and I will look to organise that as well if there are sufficient numbers.

This is the link for the regular Tuesday morning session.


Online supervised play March 29th 2022

On Zoom and BBO, starting at 9.15am, our normal online group will be playing a minimum of 16 hands. Do join us!


2 thoughts on “Pausing face to face

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    The Charlbury doodle poll only suggested April 4th, not the 11th, unless Im reading it wrong?

    J x


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