Bridge in Oxford update 93

Face to face restarting soon!

Please book in here, or on the new “book in” page at the top of the website, if you wish to join the normal Tuesday morning supervised play session this week, kicking off at 9.15am. All welcome as always. I am happy to say that the first our our new series of face to face bridge sessions in Charlbury will take place on Monday March 7th, starting at 2.30pm. On the morning of Thursday that week (March 10th) I am also hoping to offer a face to face bridge session at Wytham Village Hall. Pre-booking required (so as to ensure even numbers).

Online supervised play Feb 22nd 2022

Our normal online Tuesday morning supervised session, starting at 9.15am.



Face to face supervised play March 7th 2022

Our first face to face event in Charlbury for more than two years, starting at 2.30pm, with refreshments included. Will discuss our future plans for teaching and play in Charlbury as well so please do come along if you can.


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