Online bridge update 83

It is getting increasingly hard to know how to plan ahead with the new Covid variant introducing more uncertainty into the prospects for face to face play. It seems sensible to postpone the restart of face to face action until January, given where we are at the moment. My plan is to schedule a series of face to face sessions on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings for January and hope to be able to make them viable.

In the meantime the normal Tuesday morning session will be going ahead tomorrow (December 7th) although I will be hosting this from London and will have to end the session at midday, which is normally enough to complete 16 boards. It start at 9.15 am.

Online supervised play

7th December 2021 at 9.15am.


In place of face to face I am proposing to repeat the Monday morning seminars that proved so popular earlier this year. The first one will be next Monday (December 13th) kicking off at 11am. The topic will be takeout doubles of all kinds – not just the normal overcall, but the other situations where a double should be treated as being essentially for takeout rather than for penalty. You can sign up for that below. If you have a suggestion or any other topic you would like to be discussed, please let me know by email (

Next online bridge seminar

Doubling for takeout 13th December 2021 at 11am



2 thoughts on “Online bridge update 83

  1. Dear Jonathan

    Once again I have had some difficulty signing up for tomorrow morning. I may have paid twice, but I’m sure you will be able to see that before I can. I will be there tomorrow morning

    Best wishes Liz

    Sent from my iPad


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