Online bridge update 75

The Tuesday morning session this week (19th October) is going ahead as normal and I am hoping to organise a new regular start time of 9.15am. You can book from this post or from the sidebar of the website. Some of the regular coaching sessions will also continue as normal this week. More importantly the new plans for returning to both face to face and online bridge should be ready to kick off in November.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Doodle poll about your preferences for bridge in the future. There was a terrific response and I am happy to say that there are plenty of you who want to return to face to face play and a similar number who want to continue with online, or some combination of the two. I will be starting a new regular schedule of supervised play, courses, group coaching and (new) tournaments to try and satisfy all the demand, starting in November.

Working out the schedule with available venues is complicated but it is coming together and I hope to have a draft schedule available by the start of next week. There is plenty therefore to look forward to. I have played myself face to face four times in the last month and I found it every bit as enjoyable as it was in the days before covid, albeit that I think online is just as well suited for some of the things that we do. So there will definitely be a mixture of the two as e go ahead from here

If you have not had a chance to take part in the poll, here is the link again.


Pay for Tuesday supervised play

19th October 2021 from 9.15 am



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