Online bridge update 66

For the first time in over a year, there is going to be no supervised play on Tuesday morning (August 10th). I am out of commission and so too are many of you. Some group coaching sessions are going ahead however and you may be able to organise your own private game instead. It will be back to business as normal next week however and I have added a payment button for that (August 17th).

Looking further ahead, I am going to be on holiday from August 29th for two weeks, so there will be a break in most bridge sessions for those two weeks, but there will be a mixture of play sessions, seminars and lessons in the autumn when I get back. I will be sounding out how many of you are interested in face to face play again in the next few days. A number of you have also expressed interest in either taking or redoing some of the basic Robson courses while there is also a backlog of single topic seminars to be held (for example two-suited overcalls, throw-ins and so on).

Pay for Tuesday supervised play

17th August 2021 from 9.15 am


Looking forward to the brave old world that we all hope lies ahead!


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