Online bridge update 64

The Tuesday morning supervised play session is scheduled for a 9.30am start again this week (July 20th 2021). I have included a payment option in this email, but if you want to email me to let me know your availability I will confirm that we are going ahead before asking you to pay. Some of you have already been in email contact and don’t need to do so again.

Looking further ahead, now that restrictions are about to be lifted, the prospect of face to face bridge is coming nearer and nearer. The last hurdle to overcome is the risk that, even if we all assemble as double-vaccinated covid-free bridge players, we may still get caught by the “go isolate” rules from some third party app-detected contact until those restrictions are also lifted. For the moment therefore it looks like September rather than July for our first face to face session.

I am planning to be on holiday from August 29th for two weeks, so there will be a break in most bridge sessions for those two weeks, but there will be a proper programme of play sessions and lessons in the autumn when I get back. A number of you have expressed interest in either taking or redoing some of the basic Robson courses while there is also a backlog of single topic seminars to be held (for example two-suited overcalls,, throw-ins and so on).

Pay for Tuesday supervised play

20th July 2021 from 9.30 am



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