Online bridge update 53

Applooges for the very late delay in getting this email out. It seems that some technical gremlins prevented it going out on time and I was slow to spot that it had not done so. In principle the Tuesday morning supervised play session will be running as normal again this week (4th May), starting at the normal time of 9.30am. Given the late notice it is likely that we will be short on numbers, but if it is possible to organise the session at this late notice I am happy to do so. Please let me know tonight or first thing tomorrow morning if you are willing to give it a go.

Tuesday supervised play

4th May 2021 from 9.30am


I have had a chance a couple of days ago to visit Wytham Village Hall and check with Stella O’Gara, the manager, on the steps they have taken to be Covid compliant when and if we can start face to face play again. The omens for this are looking better by the day.

Concerns about the transmission of the virus from surfaces have receded in the light of the medical evidence, which makes handling cards less problematic, and I read today that one-metre social distancing, which makes playing at standard bridge tables without masks difficult, may be scrapped from June. Most of us of course will also soon have had both their vaccination jabs, reducing further the risk of infection.

I am happy to say that Stella has done a great job with the village hall. The hall as you know is large and well ventilated and the two big side doors can be left open to encourage good atmospheric circulation. It may be possible to open some of the big windows as well to provide additional flow through of air, which is the key to reducing transmission through the atmosphere.

As well as numerous hand sanitiser stations, there is a one way route round and through the building so if we get any sun at all this summer, all the indications are that it will make it not just a safe but a very agreeable venue for playing bridge again.

What neither I nor anyone knows is whether playing bridge online will turn out to have become so addictive that to reduces the demand for face to face play. it may be that may of you will decide that, having acquired the taste, you will prefer to continue having online coaching or playing in online tournaments to going back to weekly face to face events.

There is only one way to find out and that is to ask you, which I propose to do over the next 2-3 weeks as we move into the next phase of easing restrictions. (Is that another Doodle poll I feel coming on?).

My guess is that there will continue to be demand for both online and face to face bridge lessons and supervised play and I certainly hope to be able to provide something for both groups. Stella has guaranteed to keep our regular slots at Wytham on Tuesday and Thursday mornings available for now and though the biscuits have become a little stale the tables, chairs and cups in the newly sanitised kitchen area are all waiting for your return. A regular session in Charlbury is also firmly in the plans.

Feel free to let me know what you think you might want to do.


4 thoughts on “Online bridge update 53

  1. Hi Jonathan Hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend, and thanks for your update re future Bridge in Wytham. I would be very happy to return to face to face Bridge after the final Covid restrictions have been lifted, hopefully on 19th June. BBO is fun but just not quite the same! Best wishes Wendy

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