Online bridge update 46

The Tuesday morning supervised play session will be running as normal again this week (16th March), starting at 9.30am. I look forward to seeing you all. Please let me know as early possible that you intend to join, ideally by early Monday evening as it makes it so much easier to arrange the tables and reduce the risk of having to turn one of you away. The maximum number we can currently handle is 20 and that has been working very well recently, with some lively hands and keenly contested match ups.

Tuesday supervised play

16th March 2021 from 9.30am


There is no seminar tomorrow, I am sorry to say, but normal service should be restored the following week. All the group coaching sessions continue as normal, with one temporary exception. I am genuinely impressed by how improved so many of you are, bidding more accurately, landing more slams and playing with more confidence. If only I could stop some of you underleading an Ace against a trump contract (slams excluded)…….it seems to be hardwired into the human genetic code!



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