Online bridge update 42

For tomorrow’s seminar (February 15th) I am reverting to the Play These Hands With Me format. I thought it would be helpful to some of you to play through all 18 boards of an Andrew Robson Bridge Club duplicate with me. The hands comes from a real life duplicate that I played last week and include a nice mixture of bidding, play and defence hands.

My thinking is that this will give you a chance to see the kind of issues that arise in an 18 board event and also allow me to explain some of the factors that make duplicate pairs such a fascinating but different version of the game. Unlike most weeks my proposal is to start the seminar later than usual, at 10.30am rather than 9.30am. (You may also discover that the standard of the field in an ARBC event is quite varied but nothing that any of you should be afraid of).

Pay for seminar

15th February 2021 from 10.30am


The Tuesday morning supervised play session will be running as normal again this week (16th February), starting at 9.30am. I look forward to seeing you all. Please let me know as early possible that you intend to join, ideally by early Monday evening as it makes it so much easier to arrange the tables and reduce the risk of having to turn one of you away. The maximum number we can currently handle is 20 and that has been working very well recently, with some lively hands and keenly contested match ups.

Tuesday supervised play

16th February 2021 from 9.30am


The group coaching sessions continue as normal this week. I am juggling the timing and makeup of a couple of groups to align those of a similar standard. As I noted last week, if you and/or a partner are interested in joining one of these please let me know. I only have a limited amount of spare capacity but always keen to ft in newcomers if at all possible.


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