Signing on to BBO

This is a short introduction to playing bridge on Bridge Base Online, adapted (with thanks) from an English Bridge Union guide.

1) In an Internet web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc) Go to

2) Click ‘Play bridge now’ (red button in centre)

3) If you have not previously registered with BBO then click ‘Become a member (free!)

4) Type in a User name. It will need to be unique and it will show ‘Unavailable’ in blue if your chosen User name is already taken. Try adding a number or choose an unusual nickname if your preferred username is unavailable.

5) Type in a password and then type in the password again. The password may only contain letters and numbers.

6) Type in your real name if you want that to be displayed to other BBO users, otherwise leave this blank. Leave the ACBL number field blank. You can add your skill level (or simply highlight Private) and country of origin. The screen should then look something like this:

7) Click the checkbox for ‘I agree to the Terms of Service’

8) Click Register

9) You will now have been automatically logged on:

10) BBO has multiple different ways to play. When you log on you wil see a wide range of options. My online sessions will be organised for you: all you need to do is wait for an invitation from whoever is hosting the table. (If I have asked you to be a table host for the session, then you will need to look at this other post to see what to do).




6 thoughts on “Signing on to BBO

  1. DearJonathan

    I have signed up and my username is GertrudeGM. I am very keen to see how this works out.

    Best wishes Liz

    PS I can’t see any link to your video. I use apple and maybe that is the problem

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Jonathon Sometime ago I expressed an interest in joining your classes (from Cirencester!) but haven’t yet made it. You are very kindly copying me into stuff in your mailing lot which is great. I would very much like to do the Bridge online but don’t have the requisite no. Would I be able to pay a sub to you now and join in these uncertain times please? Look forward to hearing from you when you have a moment. I have been having a refresher course at Cheltenham Bridge where I am a “student member” but they haven’t got anything off the ground. Best wishes and thank you.

    Bunty Carter


  3. Hello Jonathan,

    Family have arrived for the lock down & my concentration is shot. I’m quite lost with all this new IT so need time to adjust, pathetic as it sounds. May I get back to you once I get it together, please?

    Meg Bell.

    Sent from my iPad


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