First course in the New Year

The first course I am offering in the New Year is Andrew Robson’s Next Step course. This is the follow up to his popular beginners course which I have taught in Oxford three times already. The course will be held as four double lessons on four consecutive Friday mornings, beginning on January 17th 2020 and running from 9.30 to 12.30pm (or however long it takes to cover all the material). The venue will be Wytham Village Hall. The cost is £180 for the entire course, which includes a 50-page set of course notes, expert tuition, refreshments and follow up material. Each lesson includes four pre-dealt hands for you to bid and play. A number of you have already signed up for this, but if you have not done so and think it might be suitable for you, please let me know as soon as possible. I am attaching a Next Step Booking Form, which includes how to pay by bank transfer, but you can also pay online here as well. Details of other courses in the New Year will be published shortly.


Next Step course Q1 2020

The Next Step course is ideal for those who have learnt the absolute basics of the game and are looking to further and practise what they have learnt.


4 thoughts on “First course in the New Year

  1. Dear Andrew

    I am definitely planning on improving my bridge in the new year and would like your advise on the best course or supervised play sessions.

    I have been playing for 12 + years and typically play 1-2 times per week. However I play with varied levels of players (some have been playing 5-ish years).

    Please left me know if you feel I would benefit from this new course (I am away on the 3rd Friday) or should attend your Tuesday morning sessions which I’ve heard very good things about.

    Many thanks Sara Johnson-Watts


    1. Dear Sara For some reason this message slipped through the note. Please accept my apologies for not replying earlier. It sounds like the best course for you might be The Next Level rather than Next Step. That will be starting in February. More details on the website. And please do come to the play and learn sessions, where we can match you up to the right level. We take all types of ability but the atmosphere is very friendly and everyone is out to help each other. The Tuesday mornings restart on January 7th and will continue every week thereafter. We are also considering an evening session as well. Best wishes Jonathan

  2. Dear Jonathan Thank you for letting us know about this Unfortunately we are away for alot of January and February so please could you let us know about the next one that you do? Best wishes Rebecca

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