First evening event

To all friends of Andrew Robson Bridge

As well as a host of new courses starting in the autumn (details on the website shortly), I am delighted to announce the first of what I hope will become a regular evening diary date for Robson bridge fans. This is an opportunity to come along, play bridge in a friendly atmosphere, meet new people and learn more about the game as we like to play it, all at the same time.

The date for this first evening event (An Evening of Chicago) is September 5th 2018, kicking off at 6.45pm in Portabello’s Restaurant in South Parade, Summertown. The evening will consist of a number of different elements. They include a short opening seminar, a minimum of two hours of supervised play with 16-24 pre-dealt hands, a break for refreshments and a Q and A/review session at which I will be discussing all the hands you have played. Why not come and see if you enjoy it? Invitation here.

Don’t worry if you are confused by the reference to Chicago – it is really just a different way of scoring that speeds up the game and makes it more exciting, as well as lending itself more readily to teaching and supervised play (see here for more).  All will be explained on the evening; if you have played rubber bridge before, you will have no trouble picking up what is involved. The bidding and play are exactly as in ordinary bridge.

I am afraid that I don’t think this evening is suitable for complete beginners, but anyone else, if they are familiar with the basics of the game, or have been to a Robson course, is welcome, as are experienced players – the more, the merrier. Space means that we will be limited to a maximum of 10 tables so early booking is advised. If you don’t have a partner, we will do what we can to match you up wth someone like-minded, but only those who have booked in advance can be admitted.

Most importantly of all, I hope you will feel encouraged to come and see what a friendly, civilised evening of bridge should be like – that is what the Andrew Robson Bridge Club in London is famous for. If you are competitive-minded, you will be able to check your bidding and score against a par score for the hands that I will have worked out in advance. But if you simply want to come along and play with some like-minded people for the fun of the game, ask questions and take away hand records and notes about the hands afterwards, that is fine too. Why not bring your friends and play and learn together?

To book a place, simply follow this link. The event listing has details of the cost and an outline of the expected timetable for the evening. An early bird booking costs £20, including a free glass of wine, and later purchases £22 a head. I shall hope to see many of you there. And do look out for details of the autumn courses which will be posted any day now. Our plan is to arrange at least two weekly sessions during term times (one evening, one afternoon) at which members, whatever their standard, can come and play and learn bridge in a friendly environment. I will be talking more about this as well on September 5th, but do feel free to email me ( if you are interested.



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