Next steps – June update

We are now reaching the end of the first two Andrew Robson bridge courses in Oxford. The final lessons are scheduled for June 19th 2018 and that makes a good time to pause and take stock. I have hugely enjoyed the experience of teaching both the Beginners and and Essential groups for the first time and it is gratifying to hear that the teaching has been well received in both cases. Just as importantly, I have noticed a considerable improvement in knowledge and understanding of what it takes to play bridge well and in the right spirit.

Plans for the future are as follows

  • There will be a new schedule of courses to sign up for in the autumn, which I hope will be ready by the end this month, as well as one or more free taster sessions towards the end of August, designed to attract beginners and those who want to sample what the Robson method of teaching is all about. I intend to offer up to a half a dozen courses in all – including some with more advanced material – with a view to finding out whether there is sufficient interest to teach them all.


  • Of the summer I will be offering a series of topic by topic seminars for those who already know the basics of the game and want to add some more knowledge on a session by session basis. Details will go out shortly. I currently expect to offer one morning and one evening session a week.


  • We will also be organising the first play and learn sessions – where you can come along, play some pre-dealt hands (with supervision available) and then have a debrief at the end at which I will go through the hands and take questions about what could/should have happened. This should be an excellent way to meet other like-minded players and try out your new skills and deepen your knowledge in a friendly atmosphere.


  • I shall in addition be sending out a regular email to those who have signed up on the website with an instructive hand that I have either played myself or come across elsewhere. Some will be relatively straightforward and others will be a little more advanced. Either way I hope that you will enjoy them.


Finally please don’t hesitate to contact me by email if you have any queries or useful feedback. If you have enjoyed a course and want to persuade your friends to come along to the next one, please do spread the word. The more friends who sign up, the better the chances that you will soon be taking part in an enjoyable game, either at one of our sessions, or in your home.






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