Online bridge 79

Online supervised play

The normal Tuesday online supervised play will be going ahead as normal this week (November 9th) starting at the new regular time of 9.15am. You can book using the block below. I am away for the rest of the week in Scotland so there will be no group coaching after tomorrow but will resume as normal the following week.

Pay for supervised play

Online November 9th 2021 at 9.15am


Face to face play again

There will be a face to face session of supervised play at Wytham Village Hall on Wednesday December 1st beginning at 2.15pm. Everyone welcome. This is a second step back towards resuming a normal weekly cycle of face to face play. I hope you can make it.

Face to face play in Wytham

December 1st 2021 at 2.15 pm in Wytham Village Hall


Future schedule

As promised I will be publishing a schedule of future play sessions, seminars and courses in the next few days, to cover the period up to Christmas. From January there will be a much wider range of potential options to look forward to. Thanks to everyone who completed the recent Doodle poll. If you have not yet had a chance to do so, the link is still open.

The website has been playing up annoyingly.


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