Online bridge update

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Tuesday morning session today – fewer teething troubles than last time, despite Internet connection issues in one case. Some great hands were played and I saw a lot of good things done. It will get better smoother once we all get used to it. Am reviewing how best to set up Zoom so that everyone gets a chance to discuss hands with me; look out for further bulletins on that score. I will continue to organise the tables so that you get a chance to play with the right people. You can book up for next week’s session by following this link.

Meanwhile the Refresher course (max four tables) is going ahead on Thursday morning; email me ( if you have not already done so and wish to take part. It is very much hands on learning at the table. The Monday topic seminars (intermediate plus) are also continuing and worked particularly well this week by common consent. For these I produce a step by step online presentation and we all play through the same hand as a group , so do consider trying that as well. Next Monday’s topic is on penalty doubles and redoubling. Again please email me if you are interested.

4 thoughts on “Online bridge update

  1. HI Jonathan – I would like to join in next Monday’s topic seminar! Will await instructions. Hope you are keeping well Best wishes Rachel


  2. Dear Jonathan Just to let you know I would like to join the morning webinar on Monday 6th April. I will sign up online as usual. Also hoping to give Tuesday morning another go next week, with Liz, Margaret & Caroline. Fingers crossed we fair better than this week! Many thanks for all the work you’re doing behind the scenes to keep the ARB Oxford moving forward, much appreciated in our time of enforced isolation. Best wishes Wendy

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    1. Good to know. Will put you down for Monday and will be sending out details of a revamp of Tuesdays and other days, trying to take account of all the helpful feedback. Jonathan

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