Coming up – more bridge at Charlbury

Following a successful first meeting in Charlbury at the end of May, I am happy to announce that we will be holding two more sessions there on Thursday June 20th and Thursday July 4th. Both sessions will kick off at 1.30pm in The Corner House, a delightful old building in the middle of the town.

In response to feedback my plan it to split the sessions into two parts: (1) an hour’s lesson followed by (2) up to two hours of supervised play. Because there is a range of ability, the first lesson will consist of a review/refresher lesson on the basic principles of bidding and a summary of Andrew Robson’s bidding methods. This I hope will be of value both to those who are still learning the game and those who have played more often before, but either may not know the Robson system or feel they would benefit from a refresher.

The supervised play session will be grouped into tables by level of experience and everyone will have the opportunity to ask for expert help at any stage, should they so wish. This way I hope that we will be able to move towards creating a regular weekly event in which as many players as possible can take part, combining a chance to improve with the opportunity to share in a sociable and friendly game.  There will also be an opportunity at the end to ask questions about any of the hands that you have played.

You can book a place for the 20th June event by following this link and for the 4th July event by following this link. Alternatively, for those who already have our bank details you can pay directly online, giving Charlbury June 20 or Charlbury July 4 as the reference. The charges are (1) lesson only (one hour) £8; (2) supervised play only £7 (two hours); (3) combined lesson and play £14 (three hours). This includes free tea, coffee and refreshments.

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