Latest news and updates

The first free taster session for the autumn will be held on September 20th at 10am. The venue is the North Oxford Association in Diamond Place, Summertown. Why not come along and see what an Andrew Robson course is all about and learn more about the courses we have on offer? No previous experience required.

We had six tables in play at the first Robson In Oxford evening event last week, held in a private room at Portobello’s Grill in Summertown. 32 pre-dealt hands were available to play and we also got through a few glasses of wine. All those who attended have now received my commentary on the most interesting deals, as well as a crib sheet on the special topic we touched on (Weak Two opening bids). More about future events shortly.

The four autumn courses on offer – Beginners, Next Step, Essential and Improver – are filling up. The Book A Place page on the website has a link to the site where you can book a place. I can report that Andrew has updated and revised the Essential bridge course so there is quite a lot of new material and practice hands.

A reminder that I shall be answering questions and discussing the bidding and play after the first day of the Oxford Bridge Festival on September 18th. The venue is the Maison Francaise in Norham Road. I shall also be helping one of the groups taking part in the popular cafe bridge event on September 21st.  Why not give the cafe bridge idea a try? It involves playing bridge in five different venues dotted around the centre of Oxford. has more details.

Watch this space also for future news and some special articles and videos that will be coming soon.

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