Course outlines

Some more details about the courses that we are currently running. For a more detailed schedule please look also at the Schedule page. See also the full hierarchy of courses at the bottom of the our courses page.


Beginner course

Lesson ONE Getting started
Lesson TWO Playing bridge
Lesson THREE Introducing No Trumps
Lesson FOUR Making tricks
Lesson FIVE Finding fits and bidding game
Lesson SIX Bidding balanced hands
Lesson SEVEN Suit opening bids and responses
Lesson EIGHT Overcalling and leading
Objective Can say at end “Yes, I know how to play bridge”
Suitable for Beginners or the very rusty

Next step course

Lesson ONE Bidding balanced hands and No Trumps
Lesson TWO Bidding unbalanced hands and trumps
Lesson THREE Finding fits and bidding game
Lesson FOUR Overcalling
Lesson FIVE Introducing double
Lesson SIX Opening at the three level
Lesson SEVEN Opening lead
Lesson EIGHT Defence
Objective To kick on from a basic understanding of how the game of bridge is played – now to start getting better at it!
Suitable for Those who have completed Beginners or the mildly rusty who want a refresher on first principles

Essential course

Lesson ONE Unbalanced opening hands
Lesson TWO Balanced opening hands
Lesson THREE Responding to 1NT
Lesson FOUR Responder’s support line
Lesson FIVE Rule of 14 and 1NT response
Lesson SIX Overcalling
Lesson SEVEN Double
Lesson EIGHT Opening lead and defence
Objective Ideal for those who know some of the basics of bridge, but want to improve and learn the Robson method.


Improver course

Lesson ONE Improving as the opening bidder
Lesson TWO Improving as responder
Lesson THREE Signalling in defence
Lesson FOUR Stayman
Lesson FIVE Double
Lesson SIX Weak Twos & Threes
Lesson SEVEN Slams & Blackwood
Lesson EIGHT Opening 2♣
Objective Featuring all the basic conventions to equip you for a decent game. There is a huge rise in the playing level of those who take the course, which have up to six carefully constructed set deals each week. Gain confidence in bidding every type of hand.
Suitable for Those who have completed the Essential course or are confident in their knowledge of the basics.