Autumn 2019 course schedule

These are the Andrew Robson courses which are currently scheduled for the autumn”term” in Oxford. Others may be added in due course. To book a place simply email me ( with your request. I will confirm your place by return, including further details of how to pay. All courses are subject to a minimum number of attendees. Most will be held at the North Oxford Assocation in Summertown, north Oxford (where plenty of parking is available). Please note there will be no Thursday lesson on October 3rd,  as I shall be away that day.

See also the seminar pages for details of our one-off topic seminars (mainly on bidding conventions).  Popular topics include signalling in defence, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Weak Twos and transfer biddings. If you see a course listed on the courses page, but it is not yet scheduled or listed on this page, don’t hesitate to let me know (email and I shall endeavour to find others who want the same thing and arrange to offer the course as soon as we can find a suitable time and venue.


Venue to be confirmed

I am happy to be offering another Beginners course for those who have no experience of the game and wish to try it out for the first time. This course, uniquely, has a trial first lesson: if you decide you don’t like the game, or how we teach it (impossible to believe, I know!), there will be no further financial commitment on your part. So do come and try us out. No partner required. The first trial lesson is provisionally scheduled for 9.30am on September 16th in Summertown, Oxford.

Next Step  

Venue to be confirmed

This is an ideal course for those who have either completed a Beginners course or have a little learning from a previous bridge experience. We take you further into the basics of bidding and play, schooling you in best practice and Andrew Robson’s step by step approach. You can see the content of the course by following this link. Venue to be confirmed shortly.


Thursdays from 9.30 to 11.15; starts September 26th

This is one of Andrew Robson’s most popular courses – many people take it more than once – and is the ideal course for those who are ready to improve their game and have a basic understanding of bridge from a beginners or next step course – see this link for more details. The Essential course gives you the chance to practise and revise all the things that you have learnt so far, with a particular emphasis on the play of the cards. Venue: the North Oxford Association, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7DP.


Mondays from 9.30 to 11.15; starts September 23rd

By popular request I am repeating this course on Thursday mornings from 9.30 am. Ideal for anyone who has completed the Essential or wants to refresh. It includes lessons on transfers, Blackwood, pre-emptive bids and Stayman, among other bidding tools, as well as six carefully constructed practice hands per lesson. This course is sure to take your game up to another level. Lesson by lesson details here. Venue: the North Oxford Association, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7DP.


Time and venue to be confirmed

This course is being offered in Oxford for the first time this summer; the venue and timing will depend on numbers (several have already committed). This course is the next step up from Improver and offers lessons in such topics as the Losing Trick Count, Fourth Suit Forcing and the Unassuming Cue Bid, all brilliant tools for those who feel they are ready to up their game, or embrace club and competitive bridge of some kind. The six practice deals each lesson also include important play themes as well as bidding tips.

Other courses on demand

If none of these times or courses don’t suit your timetable, please don’t despair. Simply contact me by email and I will endeavour to meet your requirement if I can. There are 11 Andrew Robson courses available in total, and some, notably the other Advanced courses, have yet to be tried out in Oxford. Private lessons for smaller groups are also available.

Please note

All these courses are taught by Jonathan Davis personally and consist of eight lessons lasting at least 1 hour 40 minute each. The cost per course is £175. All courses come with a full set of course notes running to around 50 pages as well as between four and six especially prepared pre-dealt hands designed to bring out the themes of the day and to allow all members of the course to play at least one hand every time.