Teaching schedule spring 2019

January to March 2019 timetable

For all the courses offered by Andrew Robson Bridge, please go to the our courses page of this website. If there is a course that you would like to take, but is not currently scheduled, please let me know and I will see if it is possible it to add it, or schedule it at times that suit you.

At a private address in Summertown

Beginner bridge course 
11.30 am to 1.15 pm  In the Library, NOA
Monday January 21st Getting Started NOA
Monday January 28th What Bridge is All About NOA
Monday February 4th Introducing No Trumps NOA
Monday February 11th Making Tricks NOA
Monday February 18th Finding Fits; Bidding Game NOA
Monday February 25th Bidding Balanced Hands NOA
Monday March 4th Opening Bids + Responses NOA
Monday March 18th Overcalling and Leading NOA

No prior knowledge or experience is required for the Beginner course. You do not need to bring a partner. Please note there is no lesson on March 11th. 

At North Oxford Association (NOA) in Summertown

Essential bridge course 
9.45 am to 11.20 am in the Library, NOA
Monday January 21st Bidding as Opener NOA
Monday January 28th Bidding as Responder NOA
Monday February 4th Making Tricks 1: Trumps NOA
Monday February 11th Making Tricks 2: No Trump NOA
Monday February 18th One No Trump NOA
Monday February 25th Overcalling NOA
Monday March 4th The Opening Lead NOA
Monday March 18th Defence NOA

The Essential course is Andrew Robson’s most popular course: many take it more than once. It is for those who know the basics of bridge (dealing, scoring, high card points etc) but want to improve and learn the Robson methods of bidding and play. You do not need to bring a partner, although it can be fun to sign up with a friend and learn together. Recently revised to include Stayman and Blackwood.

To book a place follow this link. Please note that there is no lesson on March 11th.

At North Oxford Association (NOA) in Summertown

Improver course 
 10am to 11.45pm In the Lecture Room, NOA
Thursday January 24th Improving as opener NOA
Thursday January 31st Improving as responder NOA
Thursday February 7th Signalling in defence NOA
Thursday February 14th Stayman NOA
Thursday February 21st Double NOA
Thursday February 28th Weak Twos and Threes NOA
Thursday March 7th Slams & Blackwood NOA
Thursday March 14th Opening 2♣ NOA

This course is the logical next step up from the Essential courses and features all the basic bidding conventions that you need to equip you for a decent game. There is a huge rise in the playing level of those who take the course, which includes up to six carefully constructed set deals each week. Gain confidence in bidding every type of hand.

To book a place follow this link.

At a private house in Summertown

Improver Plus

Time and venue is fixed – contact me directly (bridge@arb-oxf.uk) if interested.

29 January 2019 Lesson ONE Improving as the opening bidder
5 February 2019 Lesson TWO Take-out double & finesse or drop
12 February 2019 Lesson THREE Opening 2NT & finessing
19 February 2019 Lesson FOUR Blackwood & dumping losers
26 February 2019 Lesson FIVE 1♥/♠ – 2♥/♠ & setting up a long suit
05 March 2019 Lesson SIX Opening 2♣/trumps – draw or delay
12 March 2019 Lesson SEVEN Pre-empting & TOP defence
 19 March 2019 Lesson EIGHT Putting it all together

Venue to be determined

Advanced defence

I have recently had expressions of interest in a course that focuses on defence. This course will take you to the next level. Please email me (bridge@arb-oxf.uk) if this might be of interest to you.