Play and learn sessions

The best way to make the most of bridge lessons is to practise applying them before you forget what it was you have been taught! Our aim is to offer two supervised play sessions in  a week, one in the morning and a second in the afternoon. Mostly these will be scored as Chicago, meaning players cut and play four hands with pre-determined vulnerability, scoring game and slam bonuses on each deal, rather than at the end of each rubber. We will be on hand to offer supervision and advice if for example you get stuck and have forgotten what a bid means.

The scores rack up quickly in Chicago and a fresh cut for partners can be made after each completed Chicago.  It is a fun way to play and means that even if there are an odd number of players, you will never have to wait long to get a game. Chicago was invented by a group of commuters to the American city of the same name, who wanted to find a version of the game that they could play and finish during their half hour commute each day.

If there is sufficient demand, and we can find a suitable venue, we are also considering offering duplicate sessions as well. These are slightly more complicated to organise and not everyone is able to commit three hours to play to the end, which is necessary for the scoring to be fair to everyone who is taking part. But it is a good way measuring your progress towards becoming a better player and appeals to those of a more competitive nature.

See also our plans for weekly Bridge sessions at The Trout in Godstow and Jacobs Inn in Wolvercote. These regular Tuesday morning sessions when you can play pre-dealt hands (to learn from) or supervised cut-in Chicago with your friends or fellow bridge enthusiasts. Follow this link to find out more.